• Love! Le Mieux Hyaluronic Serum...
    I could feel my skin drink the stuff in. It's fabulous... it's a natural glow.
    - RuPaul, Actor
  • I love the face masks from Le Mieux. When I’m working, I’m constantly taking my makeup on and off and it’s really hard on my skin. They are hydrating and help give you that glow. I use them once a week, sometimes twice when I’m shooting.
    - Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Actress
  • The serums and collagen melt my wrinkles away,
    I cannot go a day without my TGF-β Booster serum… and I have to say as a black woman, Le Mieux brings moisture to my skin I have never gotten from any other product.
    - Leslie Jones, Actress
  • I love the creamy texture of the 24 Hour Cream.
    It keeps my skin hydrated and glowing all day long and into the night.
    - Jane Lynch, Actress
  • When I wake up, I just splash water on my face
    then apply Le Mieux’s day moisturizer, which is really nice.
    - Kate Hudson, Actress
  • I love the Le Mieux product line. The eye pads are so effective and save me when I’m sleep deprived and shooting long hours.
    I always ask makeup artists to use Le Mieux!
    - Gillian Jacobs, Actress
  • My eyes look fresh, even after 18 hours of work.
    - Christina Ricci, Actress
  • Please dip me in a vat of your products PLEEEEEEESE!!
    My skin is
    - Leslie Jones