Gua Sha for Facial Re-Sculpting and Stress Reduction

Gua Sha for Facial Re-Sculpting and Stress Reduction

Looking for a chill pill?

Stress is reaching toxic levels, and recent global events have made the situation much worse. Stress is skyrocketing due to overwork, feelings of loss of control, unpredictability, and disruption of the norm. How can we find balance when the world around us seems so out of control?

Enter gua sha. Known for firming and sculpting facial contours, Le Mieux gua sha Meridian facial massage has also been shown to help reduce stress. (Schedule a facial with a Le Mieux esthetician. To find one, call (888) 327-8188.)

Gua What?
First, let’s back up to the source. Based on traditional Chinese medicine dating back 3,000 years, Meridian theory is the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The therapeutic treatment of gua sha depends on Qi, invisible pathways of energy that flow like electricity through the body’s 670 Meridian points and 20 major Meridian pathways. These “energy freeways” connect different parts of the body from the head to the toes, including vital organs and tissues.

Gua Sha for Firming & Sculpting the Face
In gua sha facial massage, the proper use of Meridian techniques clear Qi pathways while firming and sculpting facial contours, improving circulation, reducing stress, and benefiting the health of the entire body. Think of it as cleansing the entire body system. When gua sha is performed properly, it is like stirring muddy water, bringing up the dirt, and then clearing it out in a natural flow of energy. When stress and inflammation cause an imbalance in that flow, there is an increase in lines, wrinkles, sagging, hyperpigmentation, and other signs of premature skin aging.

Time-Tested Beauty Benefits
Thousands of years of practice has proven that when pathways for the body's natural flow of energy are obstructed, the body enters a state of stagnation or even disease.

Massaging the body along Meridian points and pathways detoxifies, clears, and unblocks energy to restore a balanced, healthy Qi flow. When energy flows properly, skin takes on a noticeably improved appearance.

Gua sha is also a graceful way of sculpting the face without harsh products or devices that may trigger or increase inflammation. Gua sha firming and sculpting facial massage translates into brighter tone, more defined contours, and healthier circulation.

As an added benefit, gua sha massage releases stress and heightens a sense of well-being in a way that transcends “That feels good.” That’s because gua sha strokes also release the feel-good hormone, oxytocin, which helps relieve stress and feelings of anxiety.

Le Mieux gua sha Meridian facials are suited for people of all ages, skin types, and ethnicities, offering a wide range of benefits for each individual’s unique skin condition. Younger people may benefit from a reduction in blemishes and breakouts, leading to healthier-looking skin. Older people notice firmer, lifted, and tightened skin, as well as an improvement in the flow of oxygenated blood for minimized puffiness and a more youthful-looking glow.

Meridian Theory and Western Systems Converge
How do you firm and lift a face? In Western culture, the focus is on the outside, treating the skin as an organ itself and using tools that may be limited in their scope. In Eastern culture, the focus is on the inside—Meridian pathways connecting all parts of the body with an invisible flow of energy. We may not see the actual Meridian lines, but they exist—for example, we may not see air, but we feel wind.

In gua sha facial massage, three primary Western body systems team up with Meridian theory, benefiting the skin surface as well as underlying structures. First, the muscular system is intricately connected to gua sha Meridian massage because well-defined strokes smooth out wrinkles in the underlying muscles and fascia and ease stress-induced muscle tension. Next, the circulatory system is enhanced, as proven by research showing that gua sha Meridian massage increases microcirculation by 400%, improves blood flow, and reduces inflammation. Finally, the lymphatic system partners with gua sha Meridian massage to promote lymph flow, minimize congestion, reduce swelling, and relieve fatigue and stress.

Ready, Set… Gua Sha!
Firming, sculpting, and de-stressing gua sha facial massage merges these three primary Western systems (muscular, circulatory, lymphatic) with Eastern Meridian theory for a facial that goes beyond firming, sculpting, and lifting and is ideal for people who work at computers all day or who experience stress on a continual basis. Below are Le Mieux gua sha techniques for transformation. Improvements in lifting and skin radiance are usually noticeable immediately.

  1. Start at the scalp, or "governing vessel" to instantly relieve tension in the scalp and forehead. Scalp massage also starts improving circulation and clearing Meridian pathways throughout the body.
  2. Use a jade stone to begin facial massage strokes, starting at the 10 primary Meridian points on the face. Continue at the neck and décolleté. Finish by sweeping down the side of the neck.
  3. To brighten the complexion, stimulate Meridian lines on the head by clearing the scalp line from the top to below the occipital rim, behind the ear, and front of the ear.
  4. Advanced techniques focus on superficial fascia, the connective tissue located between the skin surface and the muscles. Gentle strokes over the fascia and along Meridian lines sculpt, lift, and smooth out lines and creases.
  5. To restore facial symmetry and sculpt the face, start with the neck, move to the back of the neck, then to the scalp, side of face, jaw, lymphatic pathway, and return to the neck. The goal is to tighten muscles, lift areas around the eyes, increase blood circulation, and remove trigger points for wrinkles caused by repeated muscle movements like smiling or frowning.
  6. Use the thumb and forefinger to roll and press along the jawline to lift and sculpt facial contours. Use pinching movements along the eyebrows to reduce puffiness and brighten the eye areas.

Got Gua Sha?
In an effective Le Mieux gua sha Meridian facial, it is essential to have a deeper knowledge of what goes on underneath the skin surface. Where are Meridian lines to clear energy pathways and remove inflammation caused by external factors and internal stress? Where are muscles for toning, circulatory system for oxygenating, lymphatic system for clearing away toxins?

To sculpt and recontour the face, it is important to understand the underlying structure and more. How does fascia lay across muscles? Where do muscles connect? How do you improve blood circulation? Where are lymphatic pathways located? Where are Meridian points and Meridian lines?

Using the jade gua sha tool without targeting Meridian points and following Meridian lines will not bring about true facial transformation. Instead, the specific Meridian pathways must be incorporated because in order to transform skin and improve overall well-being, the technique should not include random scraping back and forth over the skin, as if doing a paint job. For example, when driving a car to get somewhere, you do not drive back and forth, you drive in one direction. In the same way, gua sha massage should be performed in the appropriate direction along Meridian lines.

“The New Normal” Meets “The Ancient Normal”
Meridian pathways and Qi may seem unconventional, mystical, or even “woo-woo” to some. But the fact remains: gua sha has been practiced on countless multitudes of people for over 3,000 years, with proven results. Gua sha is highly valued not only in Eastern cultures, and now, gua sha, jade tools, and jade rollers have become prevalent features in the Western lifestyle, providing visible anti-aging benefits, while helping people release stress and feel more empowered.

Meridian points and pathways are powerful. Qi may seem like a fanciful concept, but it is real and should not be underestimated. In challenging times, the future may be uncertain, but we can use knowledge from 3,000 years ago to help us on our way.

So stop. Sit back. Take a few moments to detach and relax. Discover our favorite stress-busting skincare below!

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