• Fact or Fiction? Cucumbers on puffy eyes really do soothe and reduce swelling.

    Thumb through a beauty magazine or a luxury resort brochure and you'll probably see the serene image of a recumbent woman wearing a pristine robe and artfully wrapped towel turban, face slathered in a luscious cream mask... with perfectly shaped cucumber slices carefully positioned over her eyes. But is there more to this iconic image of spa luxury and blissed-out relaxation? View Post
  • New Trends from East to West

    One of the exciting things about the beauty industry is that it constantly evolves as unusual ingredients, new products, and fascinating techniques for rejuvenating the face are discovered and shared. The increasing popularity of trends from other countries has revolutionized what happens in our own salons. What makes the beauty industry even more wonderful is the "surprise factor" of many of these trends! Here are some of the most striking and attention-grabbing techniques, products, and ingredients whose popularity originated in the East and are infiltrating spas in the West. View Post
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Skincare Superstar

    You’ve probably been hearing more and more about the anti-aging benefits of hyaluronic acid in skincare products. But did you know that this essential anti-aging ingredient is already located deep within your skin? Naturally found in the skin’s extracellular matrix (ECM) where collagen is located... View Post