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What RuPaul Can’t Live Without

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What RuPaul Can’t Live Without (Mar 2017)

Le Mieux Hyaluronic Serum

“I was late to the serum party. I was working on a show called Skin Wars, and Rebecca Romijn’s makeup artist told me to get this because we were talking about moisturizers. She looked at me and said, “Nobody is using those anymore!” She got this for me, and I could feel my skin drink the stuff in. You can just intuitively tell it’s working for you. The best thing you can do is put it on after you shower, because your skin is hydrated. If you were to use a moisturizer,that would just sit on your skin, but the serum actually goes inside. Your skin drinks it in. It’s fabulous. You don’t come away looking dewy or shiny. It just leaves you looking how your skin should look. It’s a natural glow.”