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Skincare is a lifestyle curated with diligence and as a professional golfer, I know how much effort and diligence is needed to take a single stroke off a game. There is so much involved, and it's beyond just practicing golf. You have to work on it from every possible angle! Swinging, exercise, drills, analysis, mental state.

My journey through skincare

Until recently, I never realized how sun exposure on the golf course was actually damaging my skin. I started seeing significant acne scars appearing, emerging sun spots, and hyperpigmentation. I spent years of trial and error with different products just to understand my own skin.

I have combination skin that runs a bit dry. With the help of Janel Luu who coached me through this process, I was able to find the most effective regimen that work observable results into my skin...

The holy grails I can't live without.

The TGF-ß Booster fit my skin even better than my favorite pair of golf gloves. I never leave the house without Iso-Cell Recovery Solution and the Bio-Cell Mask is my reward after a full day of practice. Additionally, when I feel that my skin needs extra soothing, I just add a little bit of O2 calming gel to deeply hydrate once more.

As a golfer who spends so much time in the sun...

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