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Our Founder

"My passion is to strive to be better everyday--to constantly evolve by being fearless and by thinking in creative new ways.”

JANEL LUU, Innovative CEO & Fearless Formulator

Skincare Visionary

Janel Luu has shared over 35 years of experience in the global cosmetics and skincare industry as an international educator, tireless researcher, and master skincare formulator. Her extensive background and expertise in anti-aging cellular technology and global beauty are the catalyst behind technologically advanced, clinically proven, and award-winning Le Mieux treatments.

Korean "Google" of Information

Dynamic and innovative, Janel Luu has educated and inspired tens of thousands of skincare professionals, beauty experts, and physicians. Every day she brings a renewed passion for creating globally-inspired, skin-transforming treatments that exceed every individual’s hopes and expectations for the best in anti-aging skincare and overall wellness.

East-West Ambassador of K-Beauty and Ameri-Beauty

Janel Luu is a hands-on expert in the synergy of Meridian fascia-firming and facial resculpting massage. Merging Eastern Meridian theory with Western circulatory, muscular, and lymphatic systems, Le Mieux Fascia-Firming Facial Massage opens the doors to global beauty and overall wellness.



Biggest leap of faith I've taken in my career

I returned a 10-carat, Burmese ruby from my husband on our first wedding anniversary – for a lab mixer and beakers to start my formulating career.


Personal Mantra

Never accept the status quo.

One personality trait that can be found in all leaders

Alway stand up to life’s challenges despite the odds and don’t negotiate with failure.


One personal self care practice

Every night, I use my gua sha tool with aromatherapy to relax my mind.

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Healthy Skin's Dirty Little Secret

Minerals are going to take center stage. Even in small percentages, minerals provide mighty skincare benefits by reducing inflammation, enhancing cellular health and regeneration and accelerating healing, just to name a few.