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Be purposeful in what you do.

My passion is to strive to be better everyday--to constantly evolve by being fearless and by thinking in creative new ways.

  • A Curious Spark 1999
    For as long as I can remember, I had one question that always keeps me up at night... "How can you transform skin?"

    I opened a research and development and manufacturing facility in Southern California. I return a 10-carat Burmese ruby ring from my husband on our first wedding anniversary to embarck this journey.
  • Disrupting Anti-Aging 2000
    We were the first skincare company that uses Hyaluronic Acid as the base in our formulas. Our EGF-DNA--a unique marraige between clinical and beauty ingredients.
  • World deserves game-changing serums 2005
    We introduce our Le Mieux classic serums in our iconic amber bottles. We wanted to bring the absolute best to the market, so we use the MASTER MOLECULE, hyaluronic acid, as the first ingredient these serums.

    I introduced Hyaluronic Serum to deliver different molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin like never before

    The Vita-C Serum was introduced to bring the most stable forms of vitamin C to skin. MAP and AAP to deliver not only the best results, but also in the most stable way possible.
  • Inspired Aesthetics 2010
    I wanted to challenge aesthetics to start looking beyond their client's skins and treat it like the complex organ that it is.

    19,500,000 skin cells per square inch.
    Muscular System, Nervous System, Lymphatic System, Meridian Points

    Skin is not like a sheet of paper.
  • Red Carpet Renown 2015
    Le Mieux is discovered by top estheticians and makeup artists eventually making their way behind the scenes of major TV and film production.

    Our products became a popular staple on sets such as: TWO BROKE GIRLS, DANCING WITH THE STARS, PARKS AND RECREATION, SEAN SAVES THE WORLD, THE MILLERS, GLEE, 90210, MIKE & MOLLY, and many others.
  • Skin deserves the best 2020
    The face is the first and last thing you look at daily.

    We want to introduce the world to a different class of skin care that prioritizes how the skin responds. The world deseves the best. It deserves Le Mieux.

We want to change the way we look at skin

Skin is not like a sheet of paper.

Le Mieux is committed to bringing you the best skincare. We strive beyond texture, sensation, scent, brand marketing, social media envy, and placebo effects.

Skin doesn't have a brain

Le Mieux is committed to bringing you the best skincare. We strive beyond texture, sensation, scent, brand marketing and placebo effects.

The Serum Authority

Le Mieux is the first skincare company to utilize hyaluronic acid instead of water as a base. This “Master Molecule” saturates the skin with hydration for optimum delivery of anti-aging ingredients for the best anti-aging results.



Biggest leap of faith I've taken in my career

I returned a 10-carat, Burmese ruby from my husband on our first wedding anniversary – for a lab mixer and beakers to start my formulating career.


Personal Mantra

Never accept the status quo.

One personality trait that can be found in all leaders

Alway stand up to life’s challenges despite the odds and don’t negotiate with failure.


One personal self care practice

Every night, I use my gua sha tool with aromatherapy to relax my mind.

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