How to Choose the Best Serum for Your Skin

How to Choose the Best Serum for Your Skin

Ever looked at a menu and had a tough time deciding what you wanted? (Steak? Okay, what cut? What size? What degree of doneness? You want sauce with that?) Or maybe you’ve strolled down the cereal aisle at the supermarket, amazed at the shelves bursting with possibilities (We’re talking about you, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios).

By extension, how do you choose a serum? Specifically, what’s the difference between Le Mieux serums and other serums on the market? When looking for a serum, do you trust the marketing hype you see in ads? Do you choose by the product packaging, a pretty label or unique-looking box? Do you choose by the price, thinking that more expensive must mean more performance? Do you choose by how a product sample immediately feels on your skin? Do you check the ingredients? Do you know what to look for on the ingredient list?

We’ve broken it down for you to help you choose the BEST serum for your skin. Take a look and you’ll see why Le Mieux is known as “The Serum Authority.” Having a hard time choosing which serum fits your skin? Check out our Mini-Guide to Le Mieux Serums. Here are the top three differences between Le Mieux serums and others:



Check the first word on your skincare ingredient list. Let’s hope it’s not water, because that would mean that you are plunking down your hard-earned cash for a little bottle of the same stuff that comes out of a bathroom faucet. That’s not Le Mieux. Our serums contain hyaluronic acid as a base, not water. (The only exception is Derma Relief Serum, which is a botanical oil and lipid-based serum.)


Other companies use water as a base of their serums, which can cause diluted formulas that are not as effective in truly transforming skin. The benefit of hyaluronic acid as a base is that it keeps the formula concentrated, not diluted, while plumping away fine lines on the skin surface, and volumizing and firming beneath the skin surface. Hyaluronic acid also helps maintain the skin’s moisture barrier to protect it from environmental damage and to reduce transepidermal water loss. Plus, hyaluronic acid is tolerated by all skin types, so you don’t run the risk of irritating skin or clogging pores.



Size matters! When used in skincare, the size of the molecule really matters. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid (about 1,000 to 2,000 kilodaltons) is too large to penetrate the skin, but that's okay—high molecular weight hyaluronic acid forms a moisturizing film on the surface, which moisturizes and prevents moisture from evaporating off. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid helps keep skin plump, supple, and smooth. Low and medium molecular weights (about 50-800 kilodaltons) are small enough to be absorbed through the extracellular matrix, improving elasticity, encouraging collagen synthesis, and helping prevent wrinkles and sagging.


Due to the ever-increasing advancements in skincare technology, formulators now have access to even more forms of hyaluronic acid. Le Mieux uses multiple forms of hyaluronic acid, from low molecular weight to high molecular weight. In fact, Oh My Glow Serum contains Hya10+ Complex, with 10 different sizes of hyaluronic acid to help volumize skin, fill in lines, and create a dewy glow.



 First, what’s a delivery system, and why do we need it in skincare? Think of a skincare delivery system as a “skincare shuttle” that helps active ingredients reach their intended locations. Without an effective delivery system, large molecules cannot penetrate the skin surface to reach targeted areas for desired results. Unstable ingredients will lose efficacy. Highly active ingredients like retinoids that linger on the surface may irritate skin or lead to breakouts or skin sensitivity.


The best skincare needs a delivery system that can effectively transport active ingredients through skin’s natural protective barrier, maintain stability, and cause the desired anti-aging benefits.

Le Mieux serums contain advanced delivery systems and cell-targeting technology, which allows for long-chain peptides, plant stem cells, and growth factors to be absorbed by the skin, not just lounge around on top of the skin surface. The result? Our advanced delivery system guides ingredients to vital areas to improve firmness, elasticity, skin tone, and plump lines and wrinkles, without the risk of inflammation or skin irritation


The takeaway? When using plain water as a base and feel-good ingredients like silicones, a good chemist can create a 30-cent formula that feels amazingly silky and can temporarily fill in fine lines and enlarged pores. But ask yourself—is your serum providing long-term benefits, too? Because for transforming skin, the best serums should all be about the long-term benefits, too. And that requires a skin-loving base, stable active ingredients, and an effective delivery system.

There. You’ve heard it from Le Mieux, The Serum Authority.